Difference Between South African Crime and Afrikaner Genocide

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I noticed that they don’t mention the BRAIN behind the ANC who is the cause of the Genocide of the Boers/Afrikaners . . . but as in all atrocities committed against the White races worldwide it’s known that they all go to the same Synagogue and read out of the same Talmud.  

NOTE: I added BOERS where only Afrikaners are mentioned as the Boers are the original Trek Volk who undertook the Groot Trek into the unknown territories now known as South Africa.

I’m giving mostly anti-semitism lite links so as not to offend the Lemmings and other Sheeple. - Editor

Difference Between South African Crime and Afrikaner Genocide

There’s a common understanding among people and the UN that the Boer/Afrikaner Genocide at the hands of the communist ANC are nothing more than the crime all south Africans experience on a daily basis in South Africa, but it could not be further from the truth. 

What is Genocide? 
The term "genocide" was coined by legal scholar Raphael Lemkin in 1943, writing: 

'Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation. 

It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves. 

The objectives of such a plan would be the disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of personal security, liberty, health, dignity and lives of the members of such groups '  

Facts not Fiction of The Afrikaner Genocide 

1. In less than 1.5% of attacks, farm workers and housemaids were murdered or harmed; organized attacks were purposely directed towards Afrikaner families on their farms, small-holdings and in their homes.                                                            
Caught farm attackers admitted only in 2% of all cases that it was out of work grievances.                                                                       

If Theft and Domestic violence are not the main cause and work grievances play an almost non-existent roll in the attacks, the only other reason would be planned and political genocide of a race.
In September 1999, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) granted amnesty to three APLA cadres convicted for the murder of Sandra Swanepoel and attempted murder of her husband Johannes Swanepoel, farmers near Tzaneen, Northern Province, in 1993.  
To some, this decision, which under the terms of the Promotion of National Unity and Reconciliation Act included a finding that the crime had a political motive, is proof that similar killings today are also part of an organized terror campaign. 
Alternatively, a correlation is drawn between the TRC hearings themselves and a rise in violent crime against farm owners. 

Statement by a soldier from the Lesotho Defense Force, on trial for treason in connection with an alleged attempted coup in 1998, that he had been trained to regard South African "Boers" as the enemy, linking it with news of land confiscation in Zimbabwe and the ANC's proposal to reform the law on gun control, as well as "farm attacks" in South Africa. 


2. In less then 7% of these attacks property was reported stolen; On the contrary attacks were committed for the soul purpose of slaughtering and to exterminate Afrikaner families. 

Murders on black people by other black people consist of 73% theft, 24% domestic violence and 3% ethnic cleansing of other African Black races.                                                        
Muti murders also play a role, due to their strong believe in witchcraft and natural medicine.


3. Political driven hatred by the ANC government through hate speeches and songs like “ KILL A BOER (whites), KILL A FARMER”,  “ONE BULLET, ONE SETLAR” and public hate speeches and racist inspired gatherings in squatter camps and public places, where political and community figures ask for the confiscation of white property and widely propagate that its not a sin to steel from white people or to kill them.                       

In these speeches white people are always referred to as thieves, criminals or cockroaches, these words has been used to incite multiple Genocide’s around the world.                                  

In almost 43% of Afrikaner genocide cases these hatred was documented by the police but was not released to the public on order by the ANC Government.                                                              

There have only been 5 reported white on black hate murder cases in the last 17 years in comparison with almost 18 590-documented hate murders on white people.                                              

For this reason the ANC government propagate on a daily basis about the right wing threat and crimes in South Africa, they propagate untrue news bulletins and articles in the ANC controlled media about right wing terrorist and bombers that the world swallows for the truth, what’s interesting, is the fact when confronted with these news bulletins and articles no case information is given, for it’s a ANC state secret, and a secret that don’t exist.                                                                             

Now it must be understood that in the instance when a government put so much effort into propaganda to smear a specific race group and defend there racist hate songs and speeches, that this qualify as a well-aimed racial hatred warfare and common Genocide tactics.                                                  

The world thinks the attacks will stop if the ANC leaders don’t sing racist hate songs anymore, it will not, their hate war are not just in songs, but laws, laws that allow black youths to kill in the name of the Communist ANC revolution. 


4. In almost 96% of all murder cases on whites, especially on farms and small-holdings and 69% of house or suburb killings extreme mutilation torture and humiliation were reported. 

Bibles are often left open on the victim’s corps and urinated on as to say where is your GOD now?                                                    

The victim’s blood will be used to write warning messages on the walls and slogans like “KILL A BOER, KILL A FARMER or “WE WILL KILL ALL YOU WHITES” or "ONE SETTLER, ONE BULLET,". 
Groups of Black gangs will threaten white people in suburbs that they will be killed if they don’t leave, one of the best documented facts of the purposeful genocide.                                  

Never in South Africa in the last 17 years [19 now]  were any of these tactics used where black people killed black people, unless it was xenophobic attacks.                                                                  

This pattern only exists in Genocide style attacks, a pattern that the Boer/Afrikaner Genocide has.                                                       

This is what Thabo Mbeki (former SA President) had to say before getting control of SA, "We can't fight a bush war in South Africa. 
 Look at the map. 
It is all developed. 
 There are roads, radios and landing strips everywhere. 
 This is not Angola or Mozambique. 
 We do not have forests.

The (military) machine would smash us if we tried to send in an army from outlying areas.
Also, 87% of the Whites are in towns and cities. 
Our masses have to serve as our bush
The Black community and squatter camps is our bush." 

This are clearly still tactics used by the ruling party to incite black people to kill and rape, and then argues that this is mere SA Crime.                                                          

There’s no doubt that the ANC are responsible for many deaths of Afrikaners between 1994 and 2011, any government that promotes violence against a minority group should be held responsible when such racist and genocidal attacks happen.                                                                 

The world can’t promote peace, democracy and human rights but ignore crimes of certain governments because of racial preferences.   

5. In 71% of all of these murder cases it was the soul intent by the attackers to exterminate the whole family, Husband, Wife and Kids, again this pattern you don’t find amongst blacks killing blacks.                                                                                   

Wives must be rape and butchered while the husband and kids watch, kids are dragged of and brutally killed separately, a genocide procedure used by the Tutsi’s in the Burundi genocide, another genocide ignored by the world on purpose. Again these patterns don’t make up 3% in black on black killings.                                                                                                       

All of these genocide tactics are used to install fear in the group targeted to encourage them to leave their farms, small-holdings or to immigrate to another country. 

These tactics supported by the ANC government has let to over 4000 farmer families and 80 000 white Afrikaners slaughtered and a further 2 million that emigrated to other countries, better known as the brain drain, and this would be conservative figures, true figures are impossible to get from the ANC government.
Statements in parliament by ANC LP’s that “IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE CRIME AND ATTACKS, LEAVE SOUTH AFRICA” predict the many racial and hatred attacks still to come.


6. The government with the help of the media doesn’t publish all farm and racial attacks on whites, FACT; they lie about the true facts in murders and publish untrue statistics to prevent a national security risk. 
The media has never published the true genocide patterns and thus the media always refer to these genocide crimes as “SOUTH AFRICAN CRIME”. 

Any conservative Afrikaner group in South Africa always get labeled as RIGHT WING, why don’t they label the communist ANC as the Left Wing? 

No, because the ANC government spend too much money a year on newspaper and media publications and ads. 
The police again help the ANC by refusing to release the true murder facts and figures; there are a billion excuses and a billion programs to stop farm attacks that don’t get of the ground purposefully.

If it were not for whistle blowers almost no information would have been available on the murder figures or the political driven force behind it. 
They cleverly disguise the genocide attacks, as overall crime, there is no "crime code" providing for a category of crime but any Crime Detective would know that this tactics must be avoided by all means, because patterns can emerge to counter these tactics used by attackers.

Why are these patterns purposely being ignored and sweep under the carpet by the police? 
It can only be 2 reasons, one being that this can cause a national security risk and two being that they allow this pattern of genocide to continue without any disturbance. 

Both of these reasons point to the involvement of the police and ANC government. 

People who argue it’s due a lack of money and qualified personal, should ask themselves why don’t the ANC fix this then, because they don’t want to, this is a great excuse why Afrikaners get murdered. 

7. The South African Police play a huge role in these attacks, and the police themselves have committed many attacks. 

Police vehicles are commonly find on farm attacks scenes, bullet ballistics has pointed to thousands of police weapons used in these attacks and even police members has been caught still in there uniform, facts you will never see in the news media. 

Lies will be published that these police equipment was stolen, but they can’t explain the police ID's away. 

The South African police purposefully make mistakes when investigating these Farm murder cases to ensure that suspects walk free after a court hearing caused by conflicting evidence and statements by “unqualified” police investigators. 

Just In the last Book year the Police lost (Sold) 18 000 firearms to criminals, not one of these police members were convicted and fired from there jobs, they were just handed more weapons.

The South African Defense Force lost a further 90 000 weapons, or should we say sold and given to organized terrorist and criminal groups. 
These weapons are daily used in attacks and to arm their secret militia. Militia that are part of the ANC Youth League and Communist league and supported publicly by the ANC LP's, terrorists that are purposely being told and trained to kill white people and there families, and to chase white farmers of farms and small holdings.

Not all South Africans know that these tactics also comes to front in the ANC, ANCYL and Communist party manifest and was voted in by the ANC to attacked soft targets in their never ending terrorist struggle. 
The fact that a single illegal firearm can commit a average of 12 crimes per annum would apply that the ANC Government contributed to almost 1 320 000 million crimes per year, making them the worlds largest crime organization. 


8. Maybe we should ask the most important question available, why are black and Indian farmers not target so much in similar attacks? 

There have only been 21 documented cases of attacks on black and Indian farmers with only 4 murders. 

Not hatred murders, but theft, not brutal torture or with a genocide pattern but normal crime killings.

Do these farmers care better for their workers or pay more, NO! It’s Race Genocide.

9. Why did the ANC have military terrorist training camps in Mozambique and still up to today in Zimbabwe, why are these recruits trained by old APLA terrorist and Zimbabwean soldiers and for what reason? 

Its also a fact that in almost 81% of farm attacks old APLA tactics and direction signs are used, the same tactics used in the cross border attacks during the 80’s and early 90’s on families on farms.
Terrorist warfare is their tactics and attacks are well planned for days and months before hand. 

Ex APLA military signs are always found during farm and small holding attacks to indicate information for the attackers on the day. 

Attacks are never committed by only one attacker but by 5-15 attackers to ensure military precision. 
The ANC latest ploy to train the youth with the help of old APLA terrorist comes to front in the NARYSEC – National Rural Youth Service Corps were 8000 youth members from the ANCYL and young Communist party was trained at military basis just like the Zimbabwean Green Bombers. 

These Zimbabwe youths (Green Bombers) were guilty of murder, torture, rape, voter intimidation, destruction of property, attacks on businesses, disruption of opposition MDC rallies and ultimately invasions of white owned farms, killing farmers and their families and chasing them off their land. 

Just like Mugabe founded the National Youth Services to aid with “Land Reform” in rural areas, the ANC founded the National Rural Youth Service Corps (NARYSEC) under the guidance of the Ministry of Rural Development and the Ministry of Defense.”

This youth militia (8000 of them), will be trained at two military bases at… “Saldanha and Bloemfontein (De Brug). ” 

The media and ANC argues that this is just work creation, if this was work creation why are none of the almost 950 000 white's that live in squatter camps included, there must be thousands of white youths that would like to play a role in community projects while they get paid, unless all the fear mongers are correct when arguing that NARYSEC will be used the same way the Zimbabwean Green Bombers were used.




10. Apartheid are always used as an excuse for hatred when someone confronts the ANC with facts, while the crimes of apartheid don’t play a 1% role in the real reasons behind the Genocide of Afrikaners.

If this was so, why don’t the Colored and Indian Nation in South Africa target the Afrikaners, why only the ANC Members and ANC communist propaganda and lies about the true reason covering the Afrikaner Genocide. 

The ANC has always been about violence and hatred, their atrocities of torture and necklace murders was best proven in Camp Quadro in Angola where they murdered thousands of there own members, crimes they were never convicted for. 

The ANC has always encourage the genocide style attacks on the Afrikaner, a tactic they learned from communist Russia while on training camps there during the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s.

Why do black protesters in squatter camps carry signs that say the ANC are worst than apartheid and work with private white Afrikaners to solve there failed service delivery systems? 

 Apartheid has been removed 17 years [19 now] ago, but now more then ever are the ANC bringing up the past, because they failed their people not apartheid, they failed all of them by enriching themselves with trillions of Rands from TAX payers. 

The only Apartheid in SA is the Black Empowerment laws, BEE laws and Racist employment laws.


11. With the Trillions of Rands stolen from state covers the ANC have nothing to promise to the Youth, the poor youth that was supposed to be uplifted by the ANC with white taxpayers money. 

 If you can’t promise jobs, money or work you promise land, mine and bank confiscation and nationalization to keep the masses happy. You encourage them to murder and commit genocide to prove your commitment to mass change. 

 The ANC can’t afford a uprising like we just saw in Libya and other African states, so the only way they can counter this are to make genocide easier and to encourage the youth to take from the whites. 

 The gap between rich and poor are not due to white economics or farm land that are used to grow food for Africa, but fraud and misused funds that disappeared, failing civil and state service, corrupt policing and criminals serving in parliament. 

 If Afrikaners are so racist why do we pay 87% of the SA electricity bill and 73% of the tax, why do farmers fix roads and bridges with there money, why do farmers encourage farm skill development programs and education - but just because they oppose the idea that a commercial farm can not be handed over to a uneducated person with no farming skills and management skills, they are demonized by the ANC and the media. 

Only 3% of the farm land distribution in the Black Empowerment program were successful, the ANC lies openly about the land ownership percentages and tell its supporters and the International media that white farmers own 90% of the SA land, but it could not be further from the truth. 

 In December a media report in an agriculture magazine “Landbouweekblad” said that black land ownership might be far higher than official figures suggest.

The report cited a joint project conducted by the Demographic Information Group and Population of South Africa (Popsa), which stated that in 2001 blacks owned 20% of the land, whites 44% and coloreds 9%, and that state municipalities owned 27% of South Africa’s land. 

 Popsa researcher Cobus Jordaan said the project - funded by the Development Bank - analyzed properties by examining South Africa’s different magisterial districts.

The researchers took as a given that property in the former homelands were already in black hands.

Why don’t the state make their land available to small farmers? BUT NO . . .

The land is fully non productive! 

 We can’t lose any more productive commercial farmers; this will lead to massive food shortages, unemployment, starvation and economic downfall.


12. With their public encouraging of a NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC REVOLUTION uprising by the ANCYL and backed by the ANC LP’s, COSATU, PAC and SACP and the latest announcement by the police that they can’t contain crime or violent protests anymore these are typical excuses used to encourage genocide as the government can pleat innocence afterwards. 

 The plan of the National Democratic Revolution would be to get a 2/3 majority so they can change the SA constitution at free will. Nationalization and democratic land grab to hide their crimes against the South African people and Afrikaners forever. 



13. Farmers that appoint new workers will normally be slaughtered with their family within days with the help of outside members. 

 These are typical of well planned APLA attacks, scout and gathering of information and a hit with the help of outside hands that has been waiting, waiting to commit genocide. 

This factor alone blow holes in the argument that farm grievances or theft causes farm attacks. 

14. The first law the ANC changed when they got to power in South Africa was the dismantlement of all rural safety units and kommando’s. 

 New gun laws was put through parliament to disarm law abiding Afrikaners, arms needed to ensure the safety of their families against attacks, whites are today publicly shamed in the media for carrying legal firearms and always classified as right wing extremist.  

ANC supporters argue that these laws are for all SA citizens but forget the fact that illegal weapons are sold by police members and illegal arm dealers daily and it’s these weapons that kill families not legal firearms, crime are not committed by hunting rifles or farmers but by illegal firearms, illegal firearms distributed by the ANC Government. 

 The ANC have campaigns to mislead the world and SA about a gun free South Africa while the police give criminals weapons and automatic weapons disappear from the Army safes. 

 The ANC relaxed the border patrols and laws to ensure AK47’s flow into South Africa easily from Mozambique and Zimbabwe. 

SA's former Metro Police Chief "Robert Mcbride" one of the worlds most brutal terrorists were caught in Mozambique smuggling AK47's into SA. 

 The ANC don’t support public private security firms and see the private security industry as a threat to SA safety. 

 If Crime was the issue of farm attacks and attacks on whites the government will welcome the idea of fighting crime and criminals, If the Genocide was a ludicrous idea by right wing supporters, the ANC would support rural safety and kommando's, the ANC would have supported any private security firm fighting crime, but on the contrary they oppose this and publicly ask for the murder of a specific race group, a race group that has been in South Africa for 360 years, the BOER/AFRIKANER. [Boers first, then the Afrikaners Ed. Added]

15. The ANC supports and planned the Afrikaner Genocide for many years while in exile for their brutal terrorist tactics. 

It can only be a non-intellectual that believes the ANC lies and propaganda, one of the world’s worst criminal organizations that openly support criminal activities, genocide and xenophobia. 

The international community looks at the ANC seeing the face of Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu not the violent and criminal party that supports Genocide. 

Not even if the Afrikaner have all the proof in the world as they already do, will the world lift a finger, for they also support this genocide to hide their terrible judgmental mistakes and to ensure there control over Mineral assets in South Africa which they will lose in the long run. 

There’s 4 types of people in this genocide, the victims, the fighters for justice and human rights, the blind supporters of the Nelson Mandela rainbow dream that can't believe that the party he represents are capable of such atrocities and last but not least, the person that ignores the genocide to avoid conflict in the name of peace and democracy, a bloody peace and democracy, with the last 2 being the contributors of genocide with their ignorant fact- less answers and silence. 

 If white human rights don’t mean anything to you, why do you expect whites to support black human rights? 
 Is it fair to counter racism with racism? 

16. We did not even go into the Genocide of Afrikaner culture, language, history and human rights.   

We know with our strong believe in GOD we will prevail and only He knows the outcome, what ever that maybe, but the fact that the world ignores our 

Genocide is a great worry to our existence as a proud and God fearing nation, and the genocide must be stopped by the international world and take serious, or civil war will be the final outcome, innocent people don’t want to be caught in a brutal war, but why don’t innocent people open there mouth and protest this violent onslaught by the ANC on the Boer/Afrikaner nation. 

The Boer/Afrikaner nation is on its knees and begs the world to listen and to react, because we can’t take it any longer, and retaliation is only a breath away.  

17. Murders committed on farms in South Africa are 700 times higher than the average in the rest of the world. 

It's now more dangerous to be a farmer than to be a policeman.  In 99% of the cases where a murder takes place on a farm production stops and every farm murder cost the taxpayer R2 million. 

The risk to be killed on a farm is about 30 times higher than in any other part of the community. 

The attacks are furthermore extremely violent.  Commercial farms have dropped with over 50% and this will mean massive food shortages in the future. 

Probably more than 1 million people has lost there jobs due to the farm murders and this creates a wave effect in the business sector, if 10 farms stop producing in a district that could lead to 30 businesses going bankrupt. 

With Georgia planning to relocate 41 000 farmers to Georgia to uplift there economy and farming sector its not long before South Africa will become the next Zimbabwe, where a loaf of bread will cost a few thousand. 


18.  ANC Terrorism described in 2011 against white South Africans:  "It chooses innocent victims precisely, because they are innocent. What distinguishes terrorism is the willful, calculated choice of innocents as targets . . . Terrorism is the deliberate and systematic murder, maiming and menacing of the innocent to inspire fear for political ends

Terrorists habitually describe themselves as guerillas.  Guerillas are not terrorists. 
They are irregular soldiers who wage war on regular military forces - not on civilians. 

Actually, guerillas are the very opposite of terrorists. 
While they put themselves against far superior combatants, terrorists choose to attack weak and defenseless civilians - old men, woman, children - anyone in fact, except soldiers if they can avoid it.  Civilians then, are the key to the terrorists' strategy. 

They kill civilians and more often than not they hide behind them, hoping that the prospect of more innocent deaths will help them escape retribution."  
If all of these proven facts, cases, stories and evidence don’t convince you that the ANC are committing a genocide against the Afrikaner nation, you are a true Racist and BLIND, willing full supporter of the Afrikaner Genocide.  

You must also be held responsible for crimes committed against humanity, peace and real democracy.  Human rights don’t have a color, religion or culture and would you be silent if this was your family? 

http://censorbugbear-reports.blogspot.com/p/photo-gallery.html  http://www.genocidewatch.org/southafrica.html http://www.thezimbabwemail.com/zimbabwe/4904-anc-planning-zimbabwe-style-land-invasions-after-world-cup.html 

My view on Who’s to Blame for the GENOCIDE of Boer/Afrikaners in South Africa. South Africa has its politics, just like any other country.  The big issues were diamonds, gold and race. Various peoples have moved in, moved out or coexisted more or often less comfortably. 

Later the issue of race was used by Jews to take over. 
But first they took over the diamond and gold production.  They were the sources of serious money. 

Harry Oppenheimer
He was even one of the first white people who Nelson Mandela wanted
to see upon his release from Robben Island Prison —
this was more a sign of Oppenheimer’s willingness to recognise
he significance of the African National Congress for the smooth r
unning of his business than testament to his great moral virtue

Oppenheimer took control of the diamond mining. 

1990 struggle veteran Joe Slovo returned to a democratic South Africa –
And there I was under the impression Mandella
was let out of the “terrible Apartheid prison” in early 1994

Joe Slovo, a Jew from Latvia and other Jews took over the South African Communist Party.

African National Congress

They also controlled or at the very least were very influential in the African National Congress [ANC], a black organisation which they used to incite black hatred of Brit and Boer but NOT Jew.

Having used real and imaginary grievances against the Boers and their Apartheid policy in particular they moved on to guerrilla operations, terrorism as well as industrial sabotage and economic attack.

The government captured a number of the leaders at Rivonia. Others went on the run.  Slovo spent time in London and when he was there he was in contact with other Jews. They used the BBC and other media operations like the Guardian to cause an economic boycott of South African produce of all sorts except South African diamonds and gold. 

Oppenheimer sent the diamonds to Israel or Amsterdam to be cut so the origin was lost to the buyer. 

Public sources do not tell us how much contact there was between Oppenheimer, the Jewish big business man, who controlled diamond mining and the Jewish communists. 

They certainly knew about each other.  
The subversives needed money to pay for operations and living expenses. 

Oppenheimer wanted to be able to carry on mining and using blacks.  
An accommodation would have made sense to both of them. 
Jewish treachery is par for the course.  
Ditto for secrecy.

NP party flag from 1936 to 1993

The National Party [Boer] ruled until 1994 when, weakened by economic sabotage, guerrilla attacks, media abuse and international political disfavour they allowed elections and lost to the ANC.  

This was hailed by the media as a major triumph, which it was for the Jews.  

It has also made a lot of money for the new in-crowd. It has also got the crime industry into a major up turn.  Blacks were not the winners.

See what is being done in Africa amid a wave of media indifference at Conservation In Zimbabwe or at Wonderful Multicultural South Africa

Results at the end of the day:- Boers…screwed.Brits…screwed. Blacks…screwed. Jews rich and getting richer.

Jews and Communism the South African experience

Here are some notes with sources on the players.  

The main source used is the Wikipedia which is very accessible, set up by Jews, controlled by a Jew and very dependable on one point. 

It will not tell lies against Jewish interests. 
It makes sense to start with the South African Communist Party. South African Communist Party

The hammer and sickle and the red star are universal symbols of communism

It was founded in 1921, a few years after the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.
It caused and used industrial unrest in the mines. 
When Jews took control of the mines this was no longer wanted. 

The SACP later started recruiting natives in order to incite disaffection among them.
The original leadership was not much interested in the blacks and may well have been largely Jewish like the original Bolsheviks. Unrest in the mines was one issue. 
Unrest among rural blacks was another. 
It caused problems for farmers, Brit and Boer, not Jews.

Congress of South African Trade

The SACP colluded with the African National Congress [ANC] and the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU). 

The ANC in particular was very much a black organisation and therefore useful for manipulating the natives. Joe Slovo was a Jew from Lithuania.
He joined the SACP in 1942 and became the general secretary from 1984 until 1991. 

He was one of the founders of Umkhonto we Sizwe in 1961. 
It was the military arm of the ANC and the SACP. 

African National Congress Was widely believed to be a small Xhosa tribal association manipulated by Jewish communists. 
 This was probably because it was COMMUNISTS. 

It founded Umkhonto we Sizwe jointly with the SACP. 
Mandela was the front man because he was black and had the patter. 

Lionel Rusty Bernstein and man-god Mandela

Was a Jew, communist subversive and big in the Umkhonto we Sizwe. He doesn't rate a Wikipedia article but see Nelson Mandela on the point.

Helen Crane, circa 1920

Jew from Belfast, married to Israeli Mafia boss in South Africa. Murdered by Jews.

Umkhonto we Sizwe co-founder Dennis Goldberg 

Was a Jew, communist subversive and big in the Umkhonto we Sizwe. He was captured, charged, tried and sentenced to life.

Arthur Goldreich, right, with former ANC dissidents in 2001

Another Jew, another communist, another enemy. 
From Lithuania?

Richard Goldstone

An eminent judge and a Jew from South Africa told the world about the evil done by Jews during the Gaza Massacre. 
Jews were not amused.

Jews Undermining South Africa  
There were any number of Jews working openly, pretending to be legal and others working secretly.
Jews and Zionism: The South African Experience, 1910-1967 ... is one of his books.

Ronnie Kasrils

Jew from Lithuania. 
Got to be the ANC spy master. 
Nelson Mandela

Man-god Mandela

Was the front man for the ANC and the South African Communist Party. 
He looked right and sounded right. 

He got a major build up from the main stream media worldwide. 
He was a very good front man but is he really a living saint as the Zionist press would have us believe? [Hint - NO]. 

But to be fair his wife beat the murder and thieving raps - eventually.

Born Nomzamo Winfreda Zanyiwe Madikizela -
Winnie Mandela with mandela –
note the clenched fists, wonder if they’ll
 fall out the tree if they open that fist?

Heavily involved with Israeli Mafia http://www.sunray22b.net/winnie_mandela_and_jews.htm in South Africa in particular Shai Avissar of the Ramat Amidar gang. 
That is over and above the thieving and murdering. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/inatl/longterm/s_africa/stories/mayhem112497.htm 

Harry Oppenheimer Ran Anglo American Corporation, De Beers Consolidated Mines) and was a Jew big time although he went through the motions of being a Christian.
He was personally responsible for a large flow of diamonds to Israel to create and supply the diamond cutting industry there. This gave him influence with Zionist and communist Jews including [presumably] Slovo. 

That is why the diamond mines were not sabotaged by Slovo et al. He claimed publicly that he financed the anti-apartheid Progressive Federal Party, now known as the Democratic Alliance. He kept quiet about whether he funded the SACP and ANC. 

Did he collude with Slovo? 
Nobody is saying in public. 
The subversives needed money. 
He had plenty. 
He wanted to stay in business even if the communists took over.

A deal was exactly what Jews are good at. 
He knew about Slovo and might very well have met him on a number of occasions. 

Oppenheimer was important to the Jews in Israel so Slovo would not have wanted to cross them or him. 
The truth might surface later. 

This bit can only be conjecture for the moment. Oppenheimer They control De Beers. 
They control the almost total diamond monopoly. 
They are criminals. 
They are political manipulators. 
They are Jews on the make.

Harry Schwarz

His "Excellency" Harry Schwarz

Jew from Germany. Lawyer, politician. 
Flew as a navigator with the South African Air Force. 
Probably as dangerous in his way as Slovo.

Joe Slovo the KGB Colonel & Helena Dolny, his Jewish ex-wife. 

The Jewish, communist has had minimal publicity while Mandela has been feted worldwide. 
It is the difference between being the man with the brains and being the front man. 

While Nelson Mandela was in prison, Slovo was in exile and talking to other Jewish subversives.
Organising a worldwide boycott of South African fruit and wine was a big part of it. 

What he did not do was sabotage diamond mining. 
That was because diamond mining in South Africa was controlled by De Beers and Harry Oppenheimer, another Jew. 

Helen Suzman

Veteran anti-apartheid ex-member of Parliament,
Helen Suzman born Helen Gavronsky
and the man-god [sic]

Jew and communist subversive. 
In Parliament. 
Worked the self righteous line. 

Umkhonto we Sizwe

The battle flag of the Umkhonto we Sizwe

Was the military arm of the ANC and SACP The Wikipedia [Jewish owned, Jewish controlled - Editor] article on Nelson MANDELA tells us that the original leaders were Mandela with SACP Jewish activists Denis Goldberg, Rusty Bernstein, and Harold Wolpe. 

It omits Joe Slovo [Jew and communist - Editor] which is curious because he was very influential. 

ארגון Irgun
(full title: Ha-Irgun Ha-Tzvai Ha-Leumi be-Eretz Yisrael)
(from Hebrew: הָאִרְגּוּן הַצְּבָאִי הַלְּאֻמִּי בְאֶרֶץ יִשְׂרָאֵל,
"The National Military Organization in the Land of Israel")

Umkhonto we Sizwe was modelled on the Irgun, a Jewish terrorist outfit.

National Party 

The National Party was the Boer party, the party of the Afrikaners. 
When they got a majority in 1948 they won the election and instituted a policy of Apartheid or separate development. 

This was the stick used to beat them with. 
Left wing outfits like the BBC loved it as a propaganda tool. 

Roy Welensky

Roy Welensky

Is here as a footnote. 
He was the son of a Jew from Poland rather than Lithuania and got to be the Prime Minister of Rhodesia. 

Sabotaging a country is much easier if you happen to be running the place

Roy Welensky

Blair and Bush are eloquent testimony to that fact.

Jews And Communism In South Africa 

Rense gives us a first class summary of the Jews who robbed South Africa and destroyed it.

As to the Genocide of the Farmers . . . It’s an old tactic of the Marxist Communist jew - hungry goyim is easily controlled and killed.

In this New World Order the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition.  

The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews.   

It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state.  

Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands."  

— Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, 'La Revue de Paris', p.574, June 1, 1928                                                                           

Of course, there is no "media outcry" for White people!

Of course, there is no "media outcry" for White people!
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